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Volunteering - A great way to boost your chances of scholarship and early entry acceptance for Uni

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UCAT Testing - Students interested in Medicine or Dentistry please see below

UCAT 2020 - ensure your students are preparing!
If any of your students who are in Years 10, 11 or 12 are considering a career in medicine or dentistry, they will need to sit a compulsory entry exam known as the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) before they can apply for relevant placements in the aforementioned fields of study within the universities. 
The aim of this newsletter is to inform students who will sit UCAT in 2020 (or later) of our upcoming full-day intensive UCAT preparation workshop in Melbourne.
The following workshop will allow students (and their parents) to gain an understanding of the admission process into university medical courses, as well as the essential skills and knowledge to successfully complete the UCAT.
UCAT preparation is highly recommended. Being UCAT-ready means practising UCAT-style questions consistently over a longer period of time as opposed to leaving it until the time when students need to devote their full attention to their Year 12 work.
Simulated UCAT Day Workshop - Melbourne (Richmond)
21 March 2020 (Saturday), 9.00AM - 6.00PM
 Parents are invited from 4.30pm onwards
Click here for more information about the program's structure
While the Simulated UCAT Day is extremely beneficial for Year 12 students, who will be attempting the real UCAT in July 2020, this workshop is also highly recommended to anyone in Years 10 - 11 aiming for a head-start in UCAT preparation. Students will find out details about the test, as well as how to guide their exam preparation over the next 18 months and various techniques and skills for building up and strengthening personal profile for medical school application and entry. 


University students happy to tutor, see link for information